do you ever feel, like a plastic bag, able to carry groceries, but also able to strangle and kill a small child


animals with different colored feet than the rest of their fur so it looks like they’re wearin lil socks are the reason the sun shines

Anonymous asked:
I never spoke to u but know of u and know u'll go absolutely nowhere in life!

So what you’re saying is, you have never spoke to me so clearly do not know me, you know nothing about me only what you have heard from random people who probably do not even really know me, yet you are the one sitting behind anonymous presuming I am going no where in life even though I’m off to college next month… For some reason mate your opinion really seems quiet invalid to me. But you know I’ve heard people who hide behind a computer screen saying shit to people they don’t know go really far in life… HA HA YEH

Anonymous asked:
Why do u think so many people despise u, I think your very nice!

I don’t even know, I guess I’m so honest about my opinion on people and things and some people don’t like it because they don’t necessarily agree? Haha I really don’t know like but thank you doll :)) xx